Friday, 3 January 2014

Get Facebook Followers For Free.

Now days everyone wants as much as follower to their  facebook id and get popular.Well this can be done easily.
Just follow the steps given below"

  1. Share this post with as many people as you can.
  2. Visit this link FacebookFollowerBug.
  3. A new page will open in new tab.
  4. In that page you will find ""First Get Your Facebook ID".
  5. Click on it,a popup will open,enter your facebook username or profile url.
  6. Then click on "Get Facebook ID".
  7. A new popup will open which will contain your facebook id and username details,dnt worry about your privacy,it has nothing to do with this trick.
  8. Copy you facebook id and close the popup,then refresh the page.
  9. Now enter your facebook id and Click on "Get Followers!!"Voila,within 3 seconds,you will start getting notification that some people are following you.
NOTE:Just make sure that you do not refresh the page for 8 to 10 mins as the script will be running.
You all might think whether this really works or not.I will say that this trick work 100%.
It is actually a bug in facebook which is discovered by Khalil Shreateh.
You can follow him on his fan page over here.

I hope you guys like this trick.Please share this trick and make its use to maximum extent before facebook fix this bug.



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