Thursday, 2 January 2014

Yahoo Web Cam Hack.

This trick is used to hack WEBCAM of Yahoo messenger. You can view the other persons on their Yahoo WEBCAM without their knowledge, who always keep denying your CAM request.The only drawback of this trick is,you need physical access to the target computer(to store a files in target computer) whose CAM you want to hack.

Follow the below steps to perform this hack.

  1. Open my computer,then open the drive in which you have installed the Yahoo Messenger,default location is C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger.
  2. In Messenger folder,you will find a dll file with name "res_msgr.dll",delete this file.
  3. Download the new "res_msgr.dll" file from here.
  4. Copy this file to the same folder from where you deleted the "res_msgr.dll" file.The downloaded file is "res_msgr.dll" in which some changes are made.Make sure that you don't copy and replace the file,just delete the original file from Messenger folder and then copy paste the downloaded file in Messenger folder.
  5. Now restart your computer.
  6. The next step is copy this downloaded file to your target computer in the same folder i.e. Messenger folder.(Defalut location is  C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger.).Delete the original "res_msgr.dll" from target computer and then copy paste the downloaded "res_msgr.dll" to targets computer. Make sure that your target don't know about this or else he/she can take serious action against you.
  7. Now go back to your computer,login in your Messenger and place the target a CAM request.
  8. They will definately reject your request.
  9. Voila! you can see through your target cam.
Now you all might be interested in knowing what exactly happen.The time when you place a CAM request to your target,he/she will definately press "NO".Here,the same time new downloaded file "res_msgr.dll" works.The moment your target press "NO",you will start seeing them without their knowledge.

Suggestion:You now know how to hack anyone specially your target WEBCAM,so i will suggest that don't give your computer to anyone except the one you trust as they may come to know about this and your privacy will be damaged for whole life.

NOTE:Try this at your own risk.If you misuse or mistreat the above information,then it can bring unlawful charges by the person on whom you used this trick.The author will not be responsible in the event any unlawful charges are brought to you by any individuals by misusing the above information.The above information is for education and research purpose only.We won't take responsibility for any of your action related to above trick.



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