Saturday, 15 March 2014

Our own VIA device name in any post of your's in Facebook.

A lot of our user's now a days ask for the trick to make put their own "VIA device name" after any post.So after doing some experiments on facebook,I have found a trick to do this job.Its very simple and easy.Let’s have a look in below image for proof,

Steps to put our own "VIA device name" after any post of your's:

First all you have to make your own Facebook App by Registering at Facebook Developers.
Give the name to your App, it’s the same name which you want to show as your "VIA device name". I select Vishalshukla for this tutorial.

You are almost done now, but if you want to change the icon of your App then click on Edit. Note down the App ID its very important, you did all the efforts, just to get this App ID. So note it down somewhere or save it in Notepad.

Now go to Status and review and click on "yes"  as by default it will be "no".

Now you are done. Its time to Post the Status "VIA device name". Its little bit a tricky part. You have to copy the below URL and paste it in the URL bar, but change the App ID by yours. My App ID is 698038793552530 for vishalshukla, replace it with yours.                                                                        



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