Friday, 10 February 2017


Jadoo-RB is the remind chat bot. This chat bot is the first bot of Jadoo series.
The Jadoo-RB is developed for Indians. This bot will help anyone to remind them about the task they ask to set reminder for. The bot presently work only for Asia/Kolkata timezone and hence can be used only by Indians (since people around the global will not get reminder on time due to different time zones).
The Jadoo-RB is developed just for test purpose and for the very next bot in this series.
It is developed using nodejs, j2ee, mysql and presently deployed on  facebook page .
The bot uses natural language processing to understand what user want to get reminded about and at at what time. If, any of the entity is missing then the bot ask the user for the missing entity.

Steps to use this bot:

  1. Go to the facebook page of Jadoo-RB from here (facebook page) or here (direct messenger link).
  2. Click on send message and hit get started button.
  3. Follow the instruction given by the Jadoo-RB.

Example to set reminder:

  1. Remind me to develop chat bots after 5 seconds.
  2. Remind me to buy ice-cream after 7 hours.
  3. Remind me to get books from library on monday at 10 am.
  4. Return gta-5 to abhijith in the evening.
  5. Hey bot, remind me to forget everything on 13 Sept 2018.
The privacy of all the user's are maintained and once the reminder alert is sent to user, the reminder are deleted within 60 seconds.
If you face any problem while using the Jadoo-RB, try messaging it Help or Reset.

Want to learn how to develop chat bots?
Feel free to contact me.


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